Friday, May 27, 2011

FitnessBuilder PT

NEW YORK, April 28, 2011 – PumpOne announced its new FitnessBuilder PT healthcare tool for physical, & occupational therapists, orthopaedic physicians, chiropractors and athletic trainers. This software contains a very powerful rehab content containing evidence based non-operative, pre-operative, and post-operative programs that healthcare providers can use, edit and share with patients to improve home exercise programs. The program assists the speed of patient recovery using the world’s best therapy content and tools.  Providers can send PDF exercises containing images, tips and clickable videos with audio coaching directly to the patient.

  • 6,200 exercise images & videos
  • 1,400 therapy specific exercise images & videos
  • 27 different orthopaedic conditions containing 350 pre-made evidence based orthopaedic workflows  
  • Pre-operative & post-operative programs designed by Andrew R. Einhorn, PT and Blaine Warkentine, Orthopaedist to save valuable time for healthcare professionals while improving treatment outcomes
  • Freedom to update any rehab program via a “drag and drop exercise system” that works on ANY IOS
  • The FitnessBuilder PT is not just a typical “WEB BASED” software program; Instead it is the most advanced mobile tool for planning / tracking at-home care for patients